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A Division of EMAQ Group

Professionals that handle large commercial water losses benefit from using Moisture Mappers on their projects.

Moisture Mappers

was developed to serve the needs of:

Restoration firms
that want:

  • Documentation beyond simple drying logs.
  • Third-party confirmation of moisture sources and required demo.
  • Additional IICRC Certified eyes on projects, ensuring no drying detail is missed.
  • IH services and IAQ testing with INSTANT RESULTS!
  • Instant results on mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and PM levels in real-time on projects.

Insurance Consultants
and Adjusters that need:

  • Neutral recommendation of scope of work and drying plan required.
  • Drying documentation including drying goals, % of drying goal met – reported daily.
  • IH protocols, IICRC S-500 based dehumidification & equipment requirements.
  • Accurate sketching of large losses – affected and overall areas.
  • Real-time IAQ testing to safely keep occupied spaces open for business.

Anyone that would
benefit from:

  • A quick response team showing instant action being taken on a large loss.
  • Getting information from a neutral, third party that is certified in water loss and IAQ services.
  • Detailed reports to document a claim, justify a service, provide proof, or defend a decision.
No matter if you’re a restoration contractor or an insurance consultant/adjuster, you’ll benefit from Moisture Mappers third-party and neutral reporting for your projects.

Most unique is our ability to provide
instant, ‘real-time’ air quality testing results.

Before, during or after you’ll never wait for results. Make decisions or corrections in real time!
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An established baseline provides irrefutable clarity on what needs to be done. Find out what’s in the air while walking the job site. Imagine the power of pre-remediation air testing – getting immediate results, not waiting 3-5 days – then instantly being able to address the problem the same day!

Protect your worksite, workers, and building occupants by instantly identifying airborne cross-contamination or leakage into occupied spaces. Are there enough scrubbers to handle the PM being dispersed by the drying equipment? Are there too many scrubbers causing leakage into unaffected areas? We can tell you in real time. We do not use particle counters – Moisture Mappers uses technology that causes biologics to fluoresce and instantly identifies mold, bacteria, viruses & pollen in the air.

Common practice is to have post-remediation or “clearance testing” performed. Imagine the time and embarrassment avoided if you could find out discreetly and instantly that you “missed a spot” and didn’t pass clearance? Now imagine being given the pinpoint location of the “missed spot” so that you only had to address that area instead of recleaning multiple rooms, an entire floor or wing of a property. Moisture Mappers saves you time and labor costs on every project.

EMAQ Group is with you every step of your large water loss project. Sketching, scoping, metering, scanning, monitoring, and documenting every aspect of the water loss.

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