Indoor Air Technology & Solutions

We care for your air by offering comprehensive, personalized plans and strategies for your facility and home in every situation and event.

Global Solutions

EMAQ Group has formed exclusive partnerships with the world’s best air quality and environmental firms. Among our offerings are technologies developed for and by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the British Ministry of Defense, as well as an Irish firm that functions as Europe’s leading producer of continual air disinfection, and air monitoring systems from Italy.

Before, During and Long After

Environmental Events Have Passed…

Indoor air quality is more than “spraying” surfaces or reacting to an infectious event. EMAQ Group has over a quarter of a century experience and relevance in indoor air disciplines. Before global events such as COVID-19 and Ebola, our company’s objective was to provide calm and informed options with verifiable, scientific backing and white papers so our clients can work and live their lives with the least stress possible knowing they’ve properly cared for their air, no matter the situation.

Solutions we provide