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A 2021 survey found that even ahead of public restrooms, people surveyed were terrified of riding in an elevator because of airborne transmission of viruses. Leading experts in the field of microbiology have even advised warning signs to be posted outside of elevator banks–”DO NOT SPEAK.”

We have a better idea!

Enviro-Lift, the newest division of EMAQ Group and our exclusive Tamper Proof Unit.

EMAQ Group’s Enviro-Lift is the outcome of our constant search for ways to bring top of the line technology from around the globe to those who need it most. To this end, Enviro-Lift is dedicated to providing air purification solutions, in small and enclosed spaces, to care for our air and keep passengers safe.

The Tamper Proof Unit, available exclusively through Enviro-Lift and EMAQ Group was developed specifically to address elevator concerns but is preferred by clients who need to protect unattended spaces, hospital rooms, long-term care facilities and private aircraft. 

Our tamper proof unit can be placed anywhere you want the unit to operate and not worry about it being turned off by a curious passerby.  Available with a normal AC plug or hard-wired like an elevator installation.

The ultra-low decibel level makes it ideal for care facilities whose clients, like the elderly or those on the autism spectrum, benefit from a low noise environment.

In addition to the aforementioned features, this Exclusive Tamper Proof Unit does the following:

Eradicates airborne viruses.
  • SARS-CoV-2 99.99% reduction
  • Influenza A 99.99% reduction
  • Norovirus 99.99% reduction
  • MRSA 99.99% reduction
Instead of filters it uses ultra-low energy plasma technology.
  • Never buy or replace a filter
  • Makes for low-maintenance cost
  • Monthly maintenance takes less than 60 seconds.
The plasma technology of our Tamper Proof Units kills viruses and does not trap them like filtration units.

(Due to the small size of viruses, filtration units cannot trap viral particles.)

Turns the air over in an elevator 3 times PER MINUTE!
  • Providing constant and fast eradication of viruses.
  • Without treatment, particles can remain suspended for 12-20 minutes.

We understand the need you have to help building occupants feel safe as they return to work. Contact us to find out how our Tamper Proof Unit can fit into your maintenance and safety solution.

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