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Before, During and After

Your cannabis crop is grown, cultivated, and harvested.

EMAQ Group offers technologies and solutions for every stage of cannabis–planting, growing and harvest.  Cannabis grow operations face fierce competition.  Healthy, viable plants with a pleasing appearance and color are tantamount to a successful growers sales success. EMAQ Group loves partnering with forward thinking, quality-oriented entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business goals in the easiest, stress-free way possible.

Why grow operations
choose EMAQ Group

EMAQ Group with a long history of pharmaceutical and clean room disinfection, offers professional producers and professional options for mold issues. 

Because of the environment needed to grow – moisture, heat, humidity, food source – every grower will have mold at some point. Mold will impact what you can sell your crop for.

We help you take your flower from mold to sold with no chemical, visual, or organoleptic characteristics being adulterated.

Enviro-Mist offers two different solutions for correcting and preventing mold growth in grow rooms.

Preemptive Solutions

We offer on-site, walk-through consultations to guide you in the best way to set up your grow facilities for the highest maximization of profits through real-time air monitoring, air purification systems and scheduled maintenance programs utilizing ionized hydrogen peroxide technology.  ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ has never been more apropos than in the cannabis industry.  It’s an axiom we espouse daily and see the most effective results with our clients.

See how it's done

Corrective Services

In the event we are initially acquainted with a client through a mold remediation issue, we can still help! EMAQ Group is proud to have the cannabis industry’s first independent lab study that documents our process and efficacy.  We can remediate mold on harvested flower buds, live plants, equipment, and structures, bringing microbials to a zero-base line with no discernible effect to color or appearance.  Therefore, even if you find yourself in a position that makes it difficult to sell a crop, we’re still able to quantifiably work with that crop to minimize losses and take you from mold…to sold.

Validated by Independent Laboratory Testing

Having multiple technologies at our disposal informs our mantra:  “There is no single solution”.   Because of this, we have been able to apply different and separate technologies to create a process to decontaminate cannabis flower.

Most importantly, the EMAQ Group process has been independently tested and the validation results appear in the below study.  Contact us for a copy of the complete study.

Solutions we provide