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Air Quality Testing & Monitoring

One of the biggest frustrations with Indoor Air Quality issues is that they are invisible problems and most solutions are invisible technologies!

What has made EMAQ Group a leader in Indoor Air and Environmental Care is our commitment to showing the quality of the air we breathe before and after a solution is performed.


While we offer an array of Air Quality testing methods, taking center stage is the InstaScope that allows us to assess air quality instantly!

Here are the advantages of using InstaScope


Traditional methods require you to send cassettes off to a lab, and results take 3-5 days. InstaScope allows you to see it work, data is displayed in real time.


Unlike other lab based methods that rely on human eyes and interpretation for results, InstaScope uses computerized identification to instant identification.

Biofluorescence technology is used to analyze size, color and intensity of airborne particles. The particles are then referenced by a computerized library for instant and accurate identification.


Cassettes and impactors limit how much air you can test, InstaScopee dynamically rolls through an entire home or building capturing air from all parts of the room.

Scanning an entire room takes the guesswork out of finding where an issue originates from. Other methods are static and capture limited amounts of air. InstaScope assessments allow you to pinpoint problems in specific areas like a particular part of the ceiling or wall.

Traditional methods force you to pick the areas you think might be a problem. InstaScope is affordable enough to sample all of a home or building.


Testing the air has always been performed after a complaint regarding indoor air quality. EMAQ Group is excited to be the first in the United States to make Remotair available. A novel technology for 24/7 monitoring of HVAC systems.

Facility managers are constantly monitoring and responding to HVAC concerns. They range from the normal filter change schedule to the impossible to pinpoint odor or poor performance complaints.  Now ‘there’s an app for that’. Combined with sensors and cameras, Remotair uses artificial intelligence to provide continuous monitoring of an HVAC system’s operational health and cleanliness. 

Continuous monitoring and feedback showing in-duct temperature, humidity and delta pressures take the guesswork out of optimized operation. Artificial intelligence provides predictive failure scenarios so that maintenance can be done before the issue actually occurs.

Save the ladders and access door cutting until you actually need it. EMAQ Group helps you monitor your HVAC system from an iPad, in the convenience of your office and alerting you of potential threats anywhere you are.

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